Stickman Jailbreak - Love Story

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Love story about prison
For his beloved, Stikman robbed a bank and brought money home. The police did not have to search for a robber for a long time. The stick was found and sent to prison. He loved sent to prison an unusual package to escape. You can choose different options for escape. You need to choose the right options otherwise lose. A love story will show you what people are ready for love and romance. Now it's time to escape from prison.
Find all 28 failed options and one lucky option. Make your funny jailbreak!

Use your computer mouse to control the game.
If you have a mobile device, then use the stylus or your finger.
To complete the game, you need to click on different items and find successful ways to escape from the prison. To hit an enemy, you need to quickly click on it when an arrow is shown on the enemy from above.


Adventure Puzzle Stickman